Emsworth Harbour

Colourful boats at Emsworth Harbour

Hill Head Beach

It is our intention to make our guests lives as comfortable as possible but to also be responsible to the environment that we all live in.

To that end we have put a few measures in place to help achieve this such as providing clear recyclable bin bags wherever we can to help optimise recycling. We do appreciate that from area to area recycling is different and this allows us to check the bags after they have been placed out and correct anything if necessary. We also refrain from providing small plastic bottles of shampoos and shower gels and we try and limit the amount of ‘single-use plastics’ for items we provide wherever possible. Another area where we can conserve is whenever towels are not used we politely ask that these are neatly placed to one side and we provide one medium towel per person, plus hand towels and bath mats within the bathrooms and tea towels within the kitchen. (Additional towels are available on request for a minimal charge).

The other thing we now do is try our best to promote the removal of any rubbish created if our guests are visiting our beaches. Beach cleaning and the use of ‘single-use plastics’ has received a fair amount of highlighted press recently as unfortunately more and more plastic is finding its way into our oceans.  Alarmingly it is estimated that if we do not correct the amount of plastic finding its way into our coastal waters that there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans by the year 2050, which is a horrendous thought.

It is now starting to become a popular pastime when down at our beaches to not only beachcomb for attractive sea shells, starfish or interesting pieces of driftwood, but also bring back a minimum of 3 pieces of plastic, wherever possible, and dispose of in the correct manner. So if you fancy a leisurely stroll along our fairly unspoilt beaches then please help us to improve the environment that we all live in and share with other wildlife.

Thank you for reading and please help us spread the word (and not our rubbish)……