Over the centuries the city of Southampton has grown outwards from it's deep natural harbour and thriving commercial docks and now welcomes a wide variety of commercial containers, cruise liners and pleasure craft

West Quay

West Quay Shopping Centre, Southampton

The Bargates

Southampton City Centre

Southampton City Centre is just a stones throw from the cities port where some of the worlds largest container ships and luxurious cruise liner soar above the water with the city built around the old town and Tudor House and Gardens.

West Quay it’s premier shopping and leisure centre with over 100 shops and 50 eateries is just a few minutes walk from the cities train station and has easy access to Hollywood Bowl, Cinema de Lux and The Esplanade.

Solent Sky Museum

Titanic and Spitfire Museums

The Titanic left Southampton’s docks in 1912 for the start of its ill-fated voyage to New York and the Sea City Museum now houses a permanent exhibition of it’s story and the lives of the people associated with it.

The Solent Sky museum depicts the history of aviation in the Solent area and tells the story of the legendary Spitfire and it’s connection with Southampton, it’s birthplace.